I received a letter from my functional medicine doctor the other day that left me with a whole new perspective of covid 19. She also gave me a few tips of what I could do to strengthen my immune system too. What I really loved about it was the calming effect it had on me which is why I want to share with you. Read it here:
A Message from my Doctor to her Patients
COVID-19/immune system support
Good morning on this beautiful day. Every day I am ever more aware that the only thing I have is this unique moment in time. I breathe in the air about me, knowing that I am alive. This awareness is so valuable amidst the increasing communications about “threats” to our life or life as we know it. The TRUTH is we never know how much longer we will walk this earth and what life will look like tomorrow if we have the grace of even being here tomorrow. One of my favorite sayings is “Gratitude Begets Grace”. How grateful are we for our immune systems that continue to function in an ever increasing toxic environment? We know for certain that stress hormones weaken our immune systems and yet we move into such fear and anxiety over a threat like the coronavirus. When we do so we disable our natural defenses even more. We know that the increasing electromagnetic information field creates a more sympathetic (“fight or flight”) state and yet we are more plugged in than ever, looking for the most recent updates on COVID-19 or the status of the market, etc, etc, etc. I ask you as one of your guides on this journey to unplug more, engage in practices that increase your parasympathetic nervous system activity…meditation, breath expansion, time in nature, laughter…this will increase your resiliency more than anything. I also ask that you move into reason. Do not be drawn into a hysteria for which the likely purpose is drumming up support for personas and measures that operate on fear and control. Look at the numbers. The number of people that have been infected with and died of COVID19 is a tiny fraction of those that have been affected by other viruses. An even more sobering fact that one of my teachers shared is that while there are to date 3892 deaths related to coronavirus worldwide, in any given day more than double that number, ~8500 children die of hunger. Every day. So please, let us not lose perspective. Now here are some suggestions for what you can do, besides calming your nervous systems down and existing in profound gratitude…


*Take colloidal silver 10ppm 1 tsp 2x daily.

*Ensure your vitamin C and D levels are optimal.*Take elderberry syrup 1 tsp 2x daily.

*Take zinc 50mg daily.*Of course wash hands regularly. You may use sanitizers or Young Living Thieves
for your hands/environment. There are also silver containing disinfectants that would be great.
*Consider an air ionizer for your space if you are coming into contact with many people or even a
personal air ionizer for your body (one of my immune challenged patients introduced me to the AirTamer which has been very supportive for him especially during travel).
Blessings for optimal health,