I am in the healing profession and have spent my entire career helping others achieve optimal health. I THOUGHT I was eating a healthy diet, yet struggled with inflammatory pain and weight issues. I participated in the 21 day detox program and felt great as I moved through her well guided program. After the detox, I felt I could benefit from additional coaching, so as not to slip back to my “old ways”. I wanted to make some lasting changes in my relationship with food, so I signed on for a 12 week program. I found her to be a great coach in that she was encouraging, supportive, professional and patient as I progressed through the process of taking charge of my nutritional health. I continue on my journey, and feel that I now have a healthier relationship with food, a better understanding of MY body nutritional needs and a certainly that I am living a nutritionally healthier life! Thanks Barb! ~Dr. L.

One of the best gifts I have ever given myself!!!

When I started working with Barb 6 months ago I was feeling out of shape, bloated, stressed and anxious about work and life. Despite my unhappiness, I was hesitant about making the investment to feel better. In retrospect, it was by far the best gift I have ever given myself. Barb is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and creative about healthy eating/living. But, more importantly, she has gently and consistently helped me break old patterns with food and thought. Her sincere, insightful and non-judgmental approach made me feel safe as we peeled back layers of unconscious behaviors (I didn’t realize existed!) that were we not serving me. I can honestly say working with Barb has been a life changer. I feel healthier than I have in years, my anxiety has waned, and I feel rather empowered about life!


“Can’t speak highly enough of my sessions with Barb Minemier!  Supportive and firm, Barb taught me how the body functions optimally and then helped me implement healthy habits into my life.  I’ve lost weight but more importantly, I’ve gained insight as to what was holding me back from a more vibrant and energetic life.  She is a true health educator.” ~Jessica

Before working with Barb, I had no motivation to change my diet or my outlook on life. I thought that I would just stay miserable and unhealthy forever. After working with Barb, I learned to identify the root causes of what was holding me back and I stepped outside my comfort zone, both physically and emotionally. Now I know almost immediately which foods would be a better choice for me and how to correct any negative internal dialog that I have brewing. It’s liberating!

The thing I love most about Barb is there is no hiding, either your thoughts or that chocolate cake that you ate. I found myself talking about emotions that I never thought I would express and seeing patterns in my nutrition that I was blind to. Working with Barb truly changed my life. ~Kim

…I recently had the opportunity to participate in a most rewarding week-long cleanse, the result of a serendipitous meeting with an old friend – Barb Minemier – in none other than the grocery store … in “catching up”, we briefly discussed her work as a Health Coach, which she was totally engaged in and excited about….we exchanged emails and I soon began to receive her monthly newsletter.

…always an active, health conscious person myself, I had recently succumbed to the temptations of the Holidays as well as the non-stop corporate grind, and I was looking for the impetus to propel me back on track…enter Barb’s “CLEANSE”, which I learned about in her newsletter…I signed on and never looked back!

The menu was surprisingly varied – chock full of nuts, berries, fresh fruits and veggies, chicken, fish, and delicious juices and smoothies. I never felt deprived or hungry, and after 7 days I lost 5 pounds, felt a welcomed and delightful clarity and focus, and reconnected with my healthy self. Thanks to the continued support and encouragement provided by Barb, I am choosing foods that are nutrition-dense and non-taxing to my digestive system weeks beyond the end of the cleanse.

During our week together, Barb was a well-prepared facilitator, readily available for questions, and she made the journey easy by providing a GUIDE to the foods to focus on and a booklet of inviting menu suggestions. Hats off to Barb Minemier and her cleanse – an educational and gratifying experience, led by a knowledgeable and energetic Health Coach who motivated me to my own personal victory!

Word-out to all who have the good fortune of finding this site and Barb Minemier – YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Thank-you SO much Barb ….. I look forward to the 21-day cleanse coming this spring … ~Lorraine

Dear Barbara,

The older I get the more I realize how important it is to eat well and to set a good example for my grandchildren, most of who exist on a diet of hamburgers, chicken fingers and french fries. Imagine my surprise after hearing you speak at the Lunch N’ Learn when many of what I thought were good choices in packaged food turned out to be anything but! I’ve attached a copy of our newsletter so you can see our article about the success of the Lunch ‘N Learn event. Your passion for what you do and all that you represent prompted me to assess my eating habits and make some major dietary changes. Like with most things, information is good, but it only goes so far and is usually forgotten as old habits creep in. I think what really turned the corner for me was participating in your 7 day cleanse; what an eye opener, loved those smoothies! I look forward to learning about what I can do to make a difference in my health and the health of my family. Thank you for increasing my awareness through your program – I’ll be in touch to keep growing in better health and awareness. LOL. ~Jane

I learned so much from Barb when she spoke to our association. She introduced us to the reality of what’s really in the food that we are eating and how it’s impacting our health. I learned the importance of reading the nutrition labels and not just looking at the amount of calories. I learned a lot about Genetically Modified Organisms and how dangerous they are to our health. It is better to consume organic foods whenever possible. She made smoothies for us using fruits and vegetables that were delicious. I have been drinking them every morning ever since. She showed us how making little changes can make a big changes in how we feel and perform not just for us but for our families and our community. If we all work together we can make a difference. We all left the workshop happy and with new knowledge regarding our own health. Because she did such a great job I asked her if she would donate her time and present to an organization I am very active in, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, which she did. She did it voluntarily and had a great impact in that group as well.

Thank you Barb for all your effort, help and dedication to improve the health of our children, community and our country. ~Flor, Teachers Association of Passaic