While we were in Provincetown we went to an upscale restaurant that had been recommended to us. I only mention upscale because I want you to know that just because they are “upscale” and you are paying top dollar does not mean their food is upscale/healthy.
I ordered a meal that came with French fries. Being gluten-free due to a sensitivity I know what to look for. So when they put my plate down in front of me I took one look at the fries and knew immediately they were not just a potato deep-fried. I asked the waiter if they were gluten-free as I know they are often coated in flour so they have a crunch to them. Anyway, he didn’t know but came back with the ingredient list – fresh off the box! Can you believe these ingredients??? WOW! Vegetable oil, bleached wheat flour, disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, and dextrose just to name a few. I recently read an article from Dr. Mark Hyman talking about french fries having 20 ingredients and here I was looking at it with my own eyes!! Yikes!! Sugar, gluten, and chemicals – oh my!! And we wonder why obesity rates are up, diabetes rates are up and cancer rates are up.
This is not just about one food – imagine the accumulative effect of every meal you have every day that might be tainted with these ingredients and the impact it has on your health. 
When ordering out if you have food sensitivities – ASK. Please read the ingredient lists on everything you buy. Know what’s in your food. It could save your life! I know it sounds dramatic but unfortunately it is the times we live in. We have to become our own advocates.