What you need to know about wheat, oats and chickpeas…
If you are reading this and feeling bloated, brain fogged, fatigued, and having joint pain too – listen up! I’m going to tell you why and I’m also going to tell you you don’t have to feel this way – you can change it!!
I was listening to a lecture by Jeffrey Smith, author, and all-knowing resource when it comes to Monsanto and Glyphosate, the weed killer/poison that is sprayed on our crops! I want to share with you what I learned so that you can better understand why you are having symptoms and why all is not well with your gut.
I used to think the label Non-GMO Verified also meant no pesticides. Boy was I mistaken! You would think that would be something they would test for right? I mean Non-GMO in my book is meaningless if it’s got pesticide residue all over it!
Let’s get back to what I learned from Jeffrey Smith. This is something we all need to know and we should share it with as many as we can.
I learned that these 4 crops – wheat, chickpeas, oats, and mung beans are all sprayed with glyphosate to dry them out at the time of harvest. WHAT????? He said oats had extremely high levels given their makeup and texture as they just soak it up.
Pretty alarming to find out that a lot of your food has been sprayed with a cancer-causing poison and that our government has given the ok to do so. Unbelievable right? If you google glyphosate you will see the FDA has found no evidence that it is harmful to our health. I don’t know about you but my common sense tells me if it kills weeds what is it doing to my organs?
I used to use oat milk, I love oat milk but not anymore. I went to the supermarket looking for organic oat milk and I found Zippo – none! They had 1 whole case with all different kinds and not one organic brand. ( FYI there is one that I know of RISE – check it out ). Then I started thinking we have to organize and let these companies know this is unacceptable! It really flips my switch that these companies show no regard for our health and they know the impact these chemicals are having on our health whether they acknowledge it out loud or not. Just like the tobacco industry! We all know how that ended up.
To learn more and see Jeffrey’s list of foods and their glyphosate levels click here See how many of your favorites are on the list. Cheerios anyone? Not anymore……
WHEN IT COMES TO THE FOOD WE EAT IT NEEDS TO BE ORGANIC. I know people say it’s too expensive and I say to that – what is your health worth to you?
So if your gut is in a bit of a jam along with most, I want you to know it’s not your fault. The good news is you can change it.