Are you getting enough nutritious food? Are you experiencing enough pleasure? And are you connected with people who truly value you for who you are? Who get you? Who love you unconditionally? Who have your back when the going gets tough? 
We talk a lot about the importance of food, whole and loaded with nutrients as the key to a healthy life. It is true but it’s not just about the food. We are not just beings who survive on eating day in and day out. We are much more than that and our needs are much more than that. Our “Primary foods” are just as important.
Pleasure is also key to a healthy life. Whether you take a vacation to your favorite spot, treat yourself to a day at the spa, or engage in sexual pleasure, they are all important. It’s about you doing something for YOU that is pleasing just for YOU! We all want to please others and that’s fine but when the scale is tipped to only one side it’s not healthy for us. You deserve to have pleasure in your life and it is so important to your emotional wellbeing.                                                                 
Being connected is great but feeling those connections is where it’s at and that doesn’t come from texting, or social media.  Atleast not for me. When I connect with you I like to look into your eyes, to be able to reach out and touch you and most importantly feel your energy. This is wear the magic happens for me and for those that I’m connecting with. We are not meant to live a life of solitude. We are meant to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. By connecting with others, being vulnerable, and sharing who we are we can make a difference in other’s lives and give other’s the opportunity to do the same for us.
Here’s a video by Brene Brown, one of my favorites, who says it beautifully. Enjoy.

Let’s go out  today with the intention of connecting with at least one person and feel the joy it can bring not only to ourselves but the difference it can make in someone else’s day. If we can make this a daily practice or even a weekly practice watch and see the shift you’ll experience in your life and those around you.

I’ve loved spending this time with you and so happy you are a part of our community. Go out and make it a great day!