The truth of the matter is food companies have been hijacking our tastebuds for decades. Why? Because if they can get you hooked on their food you will be a loyal consumer for years to come. Because we were first introduced to these foods at an early age, as early as the womb, it is a standard we have come to expect. So, when we have something void of sugar, we must immediately add some to experience that familiar flavor/feeling – that warm and fuzzy one. And, yes, we keep wanting more and more and so the cycle begins. Big Food has been spending billions on making sure we keep coming back over and over and over. It is more addictive than cocaine.
Sugar is at the root of all diseases. Why? Because it is in everything!! Did you know each of us individually eat about 152 pounds of it a year? Some of the negative effects associated with sugar are high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, weight gain, cancer, and diabetes.
After years of over-consuming sugar and overproducing insulin the pancreas begins its degenerative process causing higher and higher levels of glycemia which leads to type 2 diabetes and its complications. This cycle leads to compulsive eating and binging making this addiction even more difficult to break. Chronic abuse of sugar is proven to lead to some serious diseases. Type 2 Diabetes is a good example of this. Type 2 is all food driven – meaning you can change your diet and reverse it. Can you imagine being diagnosed with a disease and the cure is simply changing the food that you eat?
If you want to overcome this addiction here are a few things you can do:
  •  Clean your house. Start your recovery process by removing all sugary and processed foods. By doing this you reduce temptation and make it harder to give in to your craving
  •  Substitute your sweets with whole fruits – be aware of sugar content – stay away from grapes and cherries for that reason.
  •  Drink plenty of water. It is well known that chronic dehydration can increase sugar cravings, slow down your metabolism and stimulate fat storage. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Eat balanced meals. Consume the nutrients your body craves with healthy meals. Remember to have carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in every meal. Be sure to carry healthy snacks with you such as nuts or a piece of fruit.
  • Lower your stress levels. Do regular physical activity, yoga sessions, and meditation. These activities will consume the extra sugar in your body and at the same time reduce your stress which can lead to more cravings.
  •  Also, you need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day.
Overcoming your sugar addiction is a sure way to a happier, healthier, and more energetic life.
So, as you can imagine there isn’t any kind of sweetener that I would recommend, artificial or quasi-natural. Sweeteners of any type send the message to the brain that they are coming, and the body responds by releasing insulin to get ready. And so, the cycle begins. I do use dates, raw honey, or maple syrup at times. These are real whole foods – nothing refined or processed.
It’s time we took our health back from Big Food and Big Pharma.
You can do this!