Luxuriate in the beauty of authentic food, wine, and history

A Customized Trip led by a Local in the Region

What you’ll Get…

Ancient Cities ✩ Organic Farm-to-Table ✩ Tuscan Winery ✩ Art & History

July 6 – 15, 2023

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Barb Minemier – Holistic Health Coach & Wellness Guide

For the past 12 years my passion has been to help men and women lose weight and feel good in their bodies again by counting the chemicals not the calories.

In 2014 I traveled to Italy with my family and stayed with my partners cousin, Benedetto. What a game changer for me.

We got to live the life of a local during that visit.

Every meal came from their garden, fresh cheese from the farm, herbs were foraged from the fields, and fish was locally caught by their neighbors. Oh, and we even took a siesta – everyday!

Given the work that I do I wanted everyone to experience this. The fact that Benny was a travel agent and a local with so much knowledge was like the Universe dropped him right in my lap. And so, our trips began.

Your Healthy Truth, LLC

Elaine Nap – Travels by Nap

Elaine’s love for travel started when she was 15 years old and she has been traveling ever since. She has always loved seeking out new adventures and learning about the cultures of each place she has visited.

In Elaine’s lifetime she has taken 49 ocean cruises, traveled in the United States, and Europe extensively and has found a love for River Cruising. She loves sharing information about the places she’s traveled, foods that she experienced and offering unique information on cultural diversities of the countries she’s visited. She has met wonderful people across the world and has kept in contact with a number of these new friends across America. So, as you can see, Elaine gives new meaning to the word “world traveler”.

This will be Elaine’s 3rd trip with us. She likes how we customize every trip and that we don’t go where the mainstream goes. We have Benedetto to thank for that.

Travels by Nap

Benedetto Perrone – owner of Robintur Travel Agency  

Benny spent most of his life growing up in Apulia and knows Italy like the back of his hand. He shares his love and knowledge of the life and culture of Italy with joy and enthusiasm, and he’s a lot of fun to hang out with too. (At 6’7″ he’s easy to find if you lose sight of the group while lost in awe and wonder:)

Benny and his agency organize travel worldwide, and resides near Lecce with his wife, Antonella, his two sons, Luca and Marco, and his daughter, Sara.

Because he is a local, we get to customize our trips and go where most tours don’t.

R. T. P. Robintur Travel Partner srl